Survey Pricing

Your subscription acts as a sort of container in which you store and manage your surveys

Each time you select an area on the map and get a report counts as one “survey”
(existing subscriptions only)

NatureServe Surveyor is priced to fit any project scope—you select the number of surveys you want. Each time you select an area on the map and get a report counts as one “survey.” You can add more surveys to your subscription at any time, and set up multiple subscriptions to manage them separately for different projects. And surveys never expire!

Surveyor offers a quantity discount on surveys. You must purchase more than 500 surveys in a single check-out transaction to qualify. This means you can get fewer than 500 on each of several subscriptions—as long as your total number of surveys purchased in a single order is >500, the discount will apply.

1–500 surveys = $26 per survey

501+ surveys = $22 per survey

Current as of May 31, 2012.

U.S. and Canadian federal agencies: Contact us for special pricing and invoicing options.

See FAQ re: cancellation/refund policy.


Example 1

You’ve set up three subscriptions, one for each of three different clients you work with. The first project is rather small and still in the earliest estimating stages, so maybe you anticipate needing only a few surveys for it at this point. The second and third projects are larger, but not so extensive as to need more than 500 surveys themselves. Here’s how your purchase transactions might look:

  Surveys Needed* Cost Separately Cost in Single Transaction  
Project 1 30 $780 $660  
Project 2 240 6,240 5,280  
Project 3 350 9,100 7,700  
Total 620 $16,120 $13,640   That’s more than $2,400 savings!
* You can always add more later if you need them.

Example 2

You’re a GIS analyst, doing some volunteer work with a small land trust in your area. They’re looking at three different sites to protect, but can only afford one of them at this time. In three surveys—just $78!—you can provide the organization with scientific information about the biodiversity known to occur in those sites, information that can help them prioritize their conservation efforts.


NatureServe reserves the right to discontinue the NatureServe Surveyor website and/or web service at any time, to be determined at NatureServe's sole and absolute discretion. In such a case, NatureServe will fully honor unused surveys via its custom data services for equivalent Surveyor queries.