Use as a Web Service

NatureServe Surveyor is also available as a web service!

The NatureServe Surveyor web service allows maximum flexibility for seamlessly integrating the information from Surveyor directly into your existing databases and applications. This means that you can bypass the interface entirely—users can access the Surveyor information without ever leaving the comforts of their own familiar application interface.

All the same functionality exists—and the same pricing, terms, and conditions apply—whether your surveys are executed via the online map interface or as a call to the web service. Simply:

  1. Create a subscription and purchase surveys just as you would for a browser-based subscription. You’ll need to include the unique subscription URL provided in that process in your web-service code.
  2. Follow the steps and coding provided in the Web Services Integration section of the User Guide and Help to set up the web service
  3. Use Surveyor through your own application!