Become an Authorized Surveyor User

The demo uses real data and the actual interface to show you how Surveyor works and the types of outputs you get at different scales.

Learn the basics about the data you’ll get from Surveyor

In order to use NatureServe Surveyor, you must have access to an active subscription. In addition, we strongly recomend that you take the basic Data Use Tutorial (see link at the right). It takes only ten minutes!

Create a User Account

  • Fill out the user registration form with your contact details, including a username.
  • When finished, click on the Create Account button. If you have left any required fields blank, or have entered invalid information, you will receive an error message.

Access Your Subscription

  • When you (or someone in your organization or project team) create a subscription, you receive a unique URL for the subscription’s dashboard. Log in, go to the subscription URL and “join” the subscription.
  • Some Subscription Administrators require their approval before users may log in to their subscription the first time, which might result in a delay in your being able to access the tool under that subscription.
  • After you’ve joined a subscription, you can go straight to that subscription’s map (the unique URL with “/mapp” appended) any time you want to use Surveyor.

Take the Data Use Tutorial (Optional)

  • This brief tutorial will introduce you to NatureServe, our methods and data, and how our data can and can’t be used, which will help you better understand the information you get in your Surveyor reports and use it effectively. It is relatively painless and should only take about 10 minutes to complete.
  • For a more in-depth understanding of the data, you may take our Data Licensee Tutorial, completion of which also qualifies you to use Surveyor.