Manage Subscriptions


NatureServe Surveyor uses “subscriptions” to allow access to the tool. A subscription is sort of a container, to which the Subscription Administrator (“Admin”) adds surveys that represent individual uses, or queries, of the tool. Each time an authorized User runs a survey from the map interface, the subscription is depleted by one count. Admins may purchase more surveys for an existing subscription at any time, and surveys never expire!

An organization may set up as many subscriptions as needed or desired; e.g., a development company might want to have a separate subscription for each project, so managers can track direct costs of project planning. Subscriptions have unique creator-given names, as well as unique auto-generated URLs, to help you keep track of multiple subscriptions.

Many Users may be authorized to use a single subscription, and a single User may have access to multiple subscriptions. The Admin can allow or revoke access to a subscription on a user-by-user basis, and can designate other Users as Admins on a subscription.

No one can access the full NatureServe Surveyor tool without access to an active subscription. A demo version, with very limited scope, is available to see how the tool works before you buy.

My Subscriptions

Once you’re logged in, “My Subscriptions” is available as a navigation menu item. This page serves as a portal to all the subscriptions to which you have access, either as User or Admin. If you don’t yet have any subscriptions—or want to add another—you can create one using the link on this page.

Click on the name of the subscription to access its dashboard, or on “Survey the Map” to use Surveyor under that subscription.