Create Subscriptions

By creating a subscription, you will be identified as the managing Subscription Administrator (“Admin”). An Admin manages who can access the subscription, purchases surveys, and is our point of contact for any inquiries or updates to your subscription. (You may identify other Admins for your subscription later, from the Subscription Dashboard.)

Important: It is the responsibility of the Admin to appropriately safeguard and protect any information related to a subscription and user registration. This includes, but is not limited to: 1) not sharing the Unique URL for a subscription with anyone other than those individuals who will be allowed to register for and use the subscription; 2) not sharing passwords or other user registration information; 3) not publicizing or openly documenting the Unique URL or user registration information. It is also the responsibility of the Admin to provide accurate user registration information.

Log In to NatureServe Surveyor

You must be an authorized NatureServe Data User to administer subscriptions, including paying for surveys and managing users’ access to your subscriptions.

Create a Subscription

Click “Create a Subscription” from your My Subscriptions page. My Subscriptions will only appear in your main navigation if you are logged in.

Give Your Subscription a Unique Name

This will help you keep track of it and enable us to communicate clearly about it with you. The name can be up to 25 characters long; numerals, hyphens, and underscores are allowed, and the name will be case sensitive. The name will appear as the title for your subscription’s pages, so try to make it descriptive of how you will use it—include department names and budget codes, whatever is most meaningful to you and your Users. (If you give it a name that is already in use, you’ll get an error message and have to come up with something else.)

You must also provide a longer description that will appear on the subscription dashboard.

Indicate if Pre-approval is Required

Since you’re paying for each survey, you probably want to be sure anyone who tries to use the tool under your subscription is authorized to do so. By default, we set it up that the Admin receives notification the first time a particular user tries to access the subscription (“Moderated”); you then allow them access through your dashboard and they can use the tool through your subscription. You can turn this feature off, though, and allow your users to start using Surveyor as soon as they have your unique URL (“Open”); this can be helpful in larger organizations with many staff or if you have subcontractors with whom your staff will need to share the tool.

Create the Subscription

Confirm the details of your subscription and click “Save” to complete the process. Your subscription will be available immediately for you to purchase surveys for it and invite Users to access it.