Purchase Surveys

Each time you select an area on the map and get a report counts as one “survey.” Your subscription acts as a sort of container in which you store and manage your surveys. Whether you need just one survey or thousands, you can purchase the quantity that’s right for your project or organization. You can add more surveys to your subscription at any time, and set up multiple subscriptions to manage them separately for different projects. And surveys never expire!

Log In to NatureServe Surveyor

You must have a User account and be designated as a Subscription Administrator (“Admin”) on a subscription to be able to purchase surveys for that subscription. If you created the subscription, you’re the Admin for it; in turn, someone else can designate you as an Admin on one or more of their subscriptions.

(existing subscriptions only)

Click “Purchase Surveys” from Your Subscription’s Dashboard

This takes you to the ‘product page.’ Enter the number of surveys to add to the subscription and click “Add to Cart.”

Review Your Shopping Cart

  • If you need to adjust the number of surveys to purchase, you can do so right in the Shopping Cart—simply change the quantity in that row and click “Update Cart.”
  • Click “Check Out” to continue to the payment page or “Purchase Surveys for Another Subscription” to continue shopping.
  • Note that the discount for purchasing more than 500 surveys is applied to your total purchase; this way, for example, you can purchase 200 surveys for each of three subscriptions and still get the discount.

Provide Payment Information

All payments must be by credit card (American Express/Discover/Mastercard/Visa), unless you are with a U.S. or Canadian federal government agency that has previously arranged with NatureServe to be invoiced; contact us for more information and to arrange invoicing if you qualify.

Complete Payment

Surveys will be available in your subscription(s) within moments.You will receive an email confirmation with the details of your purchase, and can access your order history through the “Your Account” link at the top of every page.