Subscription Dashboard

The Subscription Dashboard provides all the details you need to manage a NatureServe Surveyor subscription. From your “My Subscriptions” page (you must be logged in for the menu item to be available), select the subscription you want to go to. All of the subscriptions for which you are authorized, whether as a Subscription Administrator (“Admin”) or User are listed on your “My Subscriptions” page.

Users must be logged in, have completed training, and be authorized to access a subscription to see/use its dashboard. If you go to a subscription’s unique URL, but do not yet have access to that subscription, you will be prompted to complete whatever steps of the process remain necessary to do so.

Subscription Details

The creator-given unique subscription name, longer description, and managing Admin are provided at the top of the dashboard to orient you to the subscription.

Admins can change the name, description, and pre-approval status (Moderated/Open—refer to Create Subscriptions) from the “Edit” tab at the top of the page.


Provides an overview of the subscription history: surveys purchased to date, surveys used, and—most importantly—surveys remaining on this subscription.

  • Oldest purchases get used up first (first-in, first-out), and none of them ever expires
  • Surveys “Used” is current as of when you opened the page; to update it to reflect activity that may have occurred while you were on the page, use your browser’s refresh button


If you are an authorized User on the subscription, you will have a “Survey the Map” button; click it to conduct surveys through this subscription. Or go straight to the map’s URL—from anywhere—once you’re logged in!

If you are an Admin on the subscription, you will have a “Survey the Map” button plus your Admin tools: Purchase Surveys and User Management.

Subscription Activity

Provides the detailed usage history for your subscription, by User and month.

User Management

Manage Current Users

Shows all the Users who have been given access to the subscription.

User Name Lists all the authorized Surveyor Users (have a user account and completed the Data Use Tutorial) who have access to the tool via your subscription. Displays the User Name they provided when they set up their individual NatureServe account; click on a User’s name to see their contact details. The User Name field also indicates all the Users who have “admin” permission on this subscription, identifies the creator (“Manager”) of the subscription, and (for Moderated subscriptions) whether approval is needed to allow access to that User.

Manage Use this to grant or block a User’s access to your subscription.

  • If your subscription access is set to Moderated, approve or deny a User’s request for access by clicking on the respective word
  • For Users who already have access, click “Remove access” to block them from using the subscription; an Admin must reinvite a User (if Moderated) or a User must rejoin the subscription (if Open) or for the User to regain access.

Admin Controls who has administrative rights on this subscription—an Admin can manage users and purchase surveys for a subscription. To make a User an Admin, click “Admin: Create” then “Confirm”; to remove someone as an Admin, but keep them as a User on the subscription, click “Admin: Remove” then “Remove.”

  • A subscription may have as many Admins on it as you like, and an individual User may be an Admin on as many subscriptions as needed
  • The person who created the subscription is denoted as the Manager, and cannot be removed from the subscription or demoted from being an Admin; to have someone else designated as the Manager on a subscription you created, contact us

Note that changes to a User’s access or Admin status only affects their authorization under this particular subscription; if they are a User on other subscriptions, their status there remains unchanged until an Admin edits it from those individual dashboards.

Invite Users

Allows you both to invite Users to access your subscription by sending them an email invitation. Enter up to 10 user names and/or email addresses, separated by commas or as separate lines, in the first box, add a personal message in the second box, and click “Send Invitation.”

  • Why just 10? This reduces the risk that the email will be flagged as spam. To invite more, send another invitation.
  • Invitees will receive an email with a link to accessing your subscription