Use Surveyor

NatureServe Surveyor is an easy-to-use tool that gives you access to complex scientific data throughout most of the United States and Canada. Basically, you input an area on the map, and Surveyor tells you if there are at-risk species known to occur in that area. But of course there’s a little more to it than that!

Access Your Subscription

Each subscription has its own instance of the map interface, accessed via a unique URL. Users cannot see your subscription dashboard or map without knowing that URL or being given access to the subscription. This reduces the risk that someone can stumble upon your subscription and use it without your knowledge. A Subscription Administrator (“Admin”) can also set the subscription permissions to “Moderated,” in which case an Admin’s discrete approval is needed before a User can access the subscription; if set to “Open,” Users need just “join” the subscription to begin using it.

The First Time

If you created the subscription and have completed the Data Use Tutorial, you can begin using the subscription as soon as you’ve purchased surveys for it. Just click “Survey the Map” from your “My Subscriptions” page or your subscription’s dashboard.

All other Users, once you’ve set up your individual account, can go to the subscription’s dashboard at the unique URL. What happens next depends on your User status and the subscription’s settings:

  • Not Logged In You won’t even see the subscription page—you’ll have to log in or register first
  • Logged In, But Have Not Completed Training You’ll only be able to see the “Subscription Details” and a link to take the tutorial
  • Authorized Surveyor UserModerated Subscription You’ll see just the Subscription Details and a button to “Request Access.” Click, add a comment to the request, if you like, and click again. The Admin will get an email notification; once they’ve set you to “approved,” you’ll be set to use the tool through this subscription.
  • Authorized Surveyor User–Open Subscription You’ll see the Subscription Details and a button to “Join” the subscription. Click, then click again to confirm, and you’ll be able to use the tool immediately.

Coming Back

Once you’re set up with access to the subscription, you can go straight to the tool after you’ve logged in. The subscription will be listed on your “My Subscriptions” page, with links from there to both the dashboard and the map interface.

If you’ve previously had access to a subscription, but suddenly discover you don’t, the Admin has most likely removed you from the list of authorized users. Request access again, or contact the Subscription Administrator for more information.

Logging Out

If you bookmark your subscription in your browser, be aware the Surveyor keeps you logged in, unless you log out or clear your browser’s cache; just closing your browser does not log you out. Since you pay by the survey, it’s good to always log out when you’re done using Surveyor.