Save Your Survey

Each time you select an area on the map and get a report counts as one survey that you’ve paid for in your subscription, so you want to be sure to print your report to save your results; once you close the report window, you cannot re-access that survey. We recommend printing to PDF, so you can save the report that way and then print it to paper as needed. You can also save the results as an html file, using your browser’s “Save Page As” function from the Print Preview window.

The printed report includes an image of the map, showing your current extent with your survey area highlighted, plus all of the information you saw in the report window, and the “Important: Using this report” information. For the General report, the collapsed species detail sections are automatically expanded in the print version. (Whether the links are active in your PDF depends on your browser’s PDF printer.)


Printing to PDF

If your system already has a PDF creator included in your print drivers, simply select “Print” from your browser’s menu and point to the PDF creator. If you don’t have a PDF creator installed, free software is available for download, such as Cute PDF and PrimoPDF.

Be sure to install and test any PDF creator before you run your survey.

Note that not all PDF creators will preserve the hyperlinks in the report.